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Welcome to rcvry, a place where you can finally relax and look forward to a life that’s full of potential and opportunity, rather than be stuck in the negative cycle of addiction, whether that addiction be alcohol, drugs, food, toxic relationships – or just about anything that you find yourself doing, that has detrimental consequences to your daily life – but you still do it anyway.

The very first thing I would say, is that no matter how crazy you might find your own behaviour, or bewildering you think your life has become – don’t worry, you’re not alone. One of the greatest strengths I found when I finally decided that enough was enough and I had to get clean, was the fact that there were thousands of people in similar situations who were also suffering from the disease that is addiction.

The fact you’ve found this blog post and have read past the first two paragraphs should also give you strength – it means you’ve decided to find help and support, and it means you’re serious about finally setting yourself free from the shackles of your addiction. What you’ll find here are different options to lead you through the path of recovery and out the other side. This program doesn’t stop with you just being able to manage your addiction though, it’ll take you much further. It’ll help you become the best “you” that you can, and want to be.

There are no magic wands or instant success stories. This is a process that takes time, dedication and effort, but it is also a process that increasingly becomes rewarding and fulfilling. It’s also a program that is bespoke to you, your needs and your ambitions. You’re an individual, and nothing is more personal ( in my experience ) than the relationship you’ll have formed with addiction, and that you will form with recovery.

If you’re ready to claim back your life, become optimal and develop the tools to keep moving forward, you’re in the right place.

Good on you for coming this far already.

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