The 1st RCVRY Vlog

The first ever RCVRY Life Vlog is live below – in the truie style of a vlog ( rather than a professionally produced video ) we did it live and uncut. We hope you enjoy and would love to hear back on any subjects you’d like us to feature in future episodes.

This weeks episode is by our founder, Matt McCoy, and he kindly shares 5 reasons why giving up drinking would be a good idea.

5 Reasons to stop drinking

5 reasons to stop drinking alcohol

When I decided to write a blog post on reasons to stop drinking, it proved to be more challenging than I could have imagined. To try and condense the hundreds of reasons to not drink alcohol anymore into just 5 just felt impossible. What you’ll read below are 5 of many, and all I can hope is that 1 or more resonate enough with you to make you want to read more and perhaps even take a sabbatical from drinking for long enough to see the undoubted positive effects.

  1. Save money – it’s been a while ( thankfully ) since I drank – but I’m told by those in the know that a glass of wine in a pub can easily set you back £8-£10. Apparently a mere pint of good lager can tip the pocket scales at £4-£5.

You don’t have to be a maths wizard to realise that even a few drinks post work a few times a week can make a serious dent in your disposable income – and quite possibly in your not so disposable income. Then of course there’s the “big” nights out to factor in, as well as the “at home stock” you need to account for.

People – alcohol is eating up your hard earned cash and for no return. A good way to help you focus your non drinking efforts is to choose something you’ve wanted to buy for a while. For me, it was a games console ( go ahead judge me ).

I the broke that down into the number of drinks I would have to NOT drink to pay for it. Staggeringly, within a month through just not drinking I had enough to buy my shiny new console, which I might add, I still play today and have had way to many hours fun with. If I had drank that money – I would simply just be poorer today with nothing to show or have enjoyed for it. Makes it seem a bit easier doesn’t it?

2. Your health – the effects of drinking on health. We’ve all read the headlines and we probably think we all know what there is to know about this subject, and we’ve all ignored the advice anyway. But let’s do one thing. List 3 things you might like to address about your overall health – so for me it was lose weight, have more energy and achieve a better complexion. Me? super vain? Never.

But seriously, these were things that bothered me, and I wanted to know how much my drinking had an impact on them. Take a measure of the things that are on your list, give up drinking for a month And re measure them. I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised. You see drinking has effects in all sorts of ways on our biology and well-being. Not just the obvious ones of being dehydrated and potential liver disease.

3. Your sanity – ever suffer from anxiety? Maybe feel a little down sometimes? Ever have feelings of shame ( warranted or unwarranted ) after a night on the sauce? Yep most of us do, or have and will do again.

So let’s start putting a stop to these horrible negative feelings. Alcohol is a depressive drug. That’s not scare mongering, that’s fact. Hand in hand with that, it can cause high levels of anxiety as part of the withdrawal process as you sober up.

A prolonged period of drinking can cause depression and anxiety to become ever present partners in crime in your daily life, and no one wants that. I can tell you from experience, that both these symptoms can and do clear up when you stop drinking….. and it feels amazing and marvellous.

Add into this equation the things we say and do which we wouldn’t when not inebriated and which we regret – well that all weighs heavily on our psyche as well. Give your mental wellness a boost and see how you feel with a month without drink.

4. Your self esteem

5. To realise your potential – so here’s the crux of what we’re about at RCVRY. Everybody had potential. EVERYBODY. Very few of us come close to realising this potential, utilising it and showing the World what we can really do. There’s just to many hurdles and barriers in the way. To get to that optimal point is hard work as it is, let alone when you have all the above to deal with as well.

So you reach a cross roads. Do you just grab another drink and plaster over that nagging feeling you’re not being the best you could be. Welcome to the one way ticket of negative spiralling. Or do you start to feel great about yourself by taking simple positive actions, and proving to yourself you can be the amazing person you really are? The biggest and most impactful step to doing this? No prizes if you just shouted “give up drinking” but a massive pat on the back and you have my full support.