Where we work, rest, play and travel accounts for a huge portion of our lives – and yet how much time and effort do we spend ensuring that the environment that we spend in these places is as fit for purpose as possible?

By not paying attention to our environment, we are subconsciously putting ourselves on the back foot in terms of being as optimal, healthy and productive as we can be.

Consider this – you wake up after a restless nights sleep in a bedroom that is messy – you know you should tidy it but you just haven’t had any time – watching that extra episode of the Living Dead was more important right?

You travel to work on a crowded train next to people who are at least as stressed and unhappy as you.

You get to work and sit at your characterless desk space and spend 8 hours in front of a screen, feeling like a number rather than a person. Back home on the same crowded train to sit at home in front of a TV before hitting the sack in that messy room again. Rinse and repeat.

No wonder you don’t feel the best you could. Best case scenario you’re not going to be as productive and positive as you could do if your environment was optimal, but worse case, all this negative environment exposure can create a decline in your mental wellbeing resulting in a whole host of negative symptoms from excessive drinking through to illness and depression.

The good news? We can fix this fairly easily. When we tackle the environment area of being optimal, we look at where and how you spend your waking and sleeping hours, understanding the impact of the environment on you. Then we make simple and realistic action plans to improve each environment, making your day, night and wellbeing improve.

The even better news – a positive set of living environments can have the exact opposite effect and visibly increase your productivity, positivity and motivation.