There are tons of resources available to anyone who wants to give up drinking or beat an addiction – and then you could probably times that by 10 for the amount available for improving your life, whether it be fitness, nutrition, mentally, spiritually or changing your environment.

The point is – why does RCVRY Life work and why should you use this program?

Quite simply, RCVRY Life is a program founded on actual experience rather than theory. It’s founder, Matt McCoy was a long suffering alcoholic and had tried every solution under the sun to maintain long time sobriety, none of which worked for any length of time.

The break through moment for Matt came when he realised that actually, it was pointless focussing his recovery on any one area – all the areas, or elements as we call them, support and feed each other.

He managed to distill the core elements down to 5 – and began building a simple but effective program that could be followed by just about anyone in any situation.

When describing why the program works so well, Matt often likens the elements to the foundations of a house – one on their own might support the house for a short period, but it’ll soon crumble. 2 elements give each other some strength and establishes a slightly more robust foundation but, ultimately, would suffer over time and end up crumbling.

5 elements however, all supporting each other, enabling themselves to become stronger through focus – that provides a structure and foundation that is solid enough to achieve your goals.

Another core aspect of the success of the program is fact it realises that everyone is individual – so although the structure is the same, the focus and make up of each element is bespoke to the person, their own situation and their journey.

The RCVRY Program works – if you would like to learn more, contact us today