RCVRY started from using the lessons learnt in Matt McCoys recovery journey and implementing them into the structured program it is today. Before we turned it into an accessible for all program via the internet, it was used as the basis for 121 addiction counselling.

It was through the success of this that the program evolved, but at its heart, it has never stopped being applicable as a 121 addiction counselling program.

We run the RCVRY 121 program as a series of hour long Skype sessions at times that suit you – we understand a lot of our clients have busy day jobs, so we try to accommodate hours during the evening and weekends, as well as for people who are further afield and in different time zones.

We don’t hold anyone to a contracted number of sessions, although in our experience, the best benefit and success rate comes after 6 sessions spread out over 6 weeks.

If you would like to find out more about the RCVRY 121 program and if it suitable for your recovery, why not book in a free 30minute Skype chat with us?

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