This is the original and still the most popular and successful program we run – RCVRY.
Based on the 5 elements of RCVRY, the program has been tried and tested hundreds of times and simply works because it addresses the fundamental issues that effect our lives and feed into addictive behaviour.
The difference between RCVRY and other programs and methods of giving up an addiction is that is raises the bar higher – staying clean is one step forward, but to remain free of addiction, our belief is you need to move forward and become the best person you can.
RCVRY works on the philosophy that focusing on ALL 5 elements is the key to success – they all support each other, and much like the structure of a strong building, if you remove one or more of the elements, it weakens the structure.
RCVRY is also bespoke to each person who takes up the program – the structure is the same, but it is formulated dependent on your own situation, what our goals and ambitions are and even your daily lifestye.
If youy’re serious about giving up your addiction, and you want to fulfill your potential, contact us today to find out more about the RCVRY program.