When people ask to be talked through the RCVRY elements, without a doubt the one element that always raises the most questions is the Spiritual element. The term Spiritual can mean a lot of different things to different people.

In the context of RCVRY programs, when we talk about our spiritual well-being, we are referring to the health of ourselves outside of the mind and body – so think of it is sort of looking after your soul.

We do not mean religion – whilst we respect peoples religion, our programs are not religious in any shape.
It also does not mean supernatural – we certainly won’t be asking you to take part in any seances!!!

In the RCVRY programs, we’ll help you understand how you can focus and improve your spiritual health – typical activities include simple yoga exercises, meditation exercises and mindfulness practises.

The spiritual element often starts as the one people are most apprehensive of, and nearly always ends up being the element everyone wants to do more on.