Drinkers Like Me : Adrian Chiles

I was pleased and even excited to see that the subject of alcoholism was going to be featured in a BBC documentary, shown in a prime time slot, on the sensible and serious BBC2 – Adrian Chiles : Drinkers Like Me from the outset looked like it could be a good forum to highlight the […]


Relapse. Go ahead say it. It might take some of the fear out of it straight away – or it might not. It might make you shudder, it might make you cringe as you maybe remember your own experience of one, or it might even strengthen you as you use it as your resolve to […]

Why I started “rcvry” and what it means to me

Starting “rcvry” in some ways wasn’t an easy choice – I had managed, in my own recovery, to resurrect my career, I was in a good job in the city earning good money and for the first time in a long time, life was stable and comfortable. After many years of no stability and living […]